About Us

You may recognize the BigHoller name. Fifteen years ago, BigHoller began as a restaurant online ordering company. We continue with our online ordering but through those 15 years, we listened.

What restaurants want more than anything, are two things:

  1. A company that can evolve with rapidly changing technology environment.

  2. A company that knows where the wise money is spent in order to drive orders. Lots and lots of orders.

Our Restaurant App Drives Orders

BigHoller has evolved. We are constantly studying the environment and responding to customer's needs. With so many choices, and so much competition, it is hard for a restaurant to hold on to its existing customer base, let alone attract new ones.

With the power of the BigHoller restaurant app and Data Digits, we have created a proven and measurable methodology of increasing your bottom line. It all starts with a restaurant app.