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Success Guaranty. 100% Positive Customer Experience Every Time


May 4, 2015 Livingston, NJ One thing is certain, at some point, a restaurant's technology will fail. When it does fail, a restaurant should still demand that its consumers always have a worry free and positive online ordering experience.

BigHoller always tries to get the order to the restaurant but sometimes that is not possible. The internet could be down, a POS suddenly stops working, the phone line gets disconnected. Even with multiple routes, BigHoller might not be able to get the order through. When that happens, BigHoller's Success Guaranty, will text to the order to up to 5 numbers alerting the restaurant owner and its managers that there is a problem and that they have an order to fulfill. Success Guaranty gives the consumer a 100% positive ordering experience each and every time.

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BigHoller is an industry leader in online food ordering solutions utilized by single locations to multi-unit international restaurant clients. Based in the United States, BigHoller touts user-friendly customer interfaces, robust back-end menu databases, popular online ordering features and unsurpassed customer service. For more information, call 888-Big-Holler(888-244-4655) or visit