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06/03/2009 – Let Restaurant Customers Order Online and Get a Free Web Site from BigHoller


Restaurant owners looking to let customers order online can now get a free Web site when they choose BigHoller as their online ordering solution. Restaurants can also get listed on BigHoller's recently launched online restaurant guide I Must Eat

Restaurants interested in letting customers order online can now get a free Web site from BigHoller. BigHoller, which recently launched the online restaurant guide I Must Eat, is offering any restaurant a free Web site when it selects BigHoller for its online ordering solution.

"Restaurant owners sometimes have unfounded fears about investing in a Web site or online ordering, thinking they need to understand technology. That is the beauty of BigHoller…we handle everything," says G.R. Homa, managing partner at BigHoller. "BigHoller puts a lot of focus into its customer service. We do not want to burden the restaurant owner with details. We want restaurant owners to focus on growing their business."

I Must Eat is a comprehensive, nationwide online restaurant guide and directory of restaurants that allow customers to order online, making the process of finding somewhere to eat easier.

Both I Must Eat and BigHoller's online ordering system are proving tremendously valuable to restaurants across the country.

"Having online ordering has increased my revenue and customer base. With each passing month, my number of Internet orders continues to grow. Plus, thanks to BigHoller, my customers love the easy to use online ordering system," says Brian Fitzgerald of Primaveras Pizza.

"(BigHoller's) online ordering system costs no more than what we would pay for a Web site. So I'm getting two important marketing tools for the price of one. Plus, because I'm so successful with online ordering, it has paid for itself hundreds of times over," says Angela Chen of Hunan Wok.

"BigHoller was very helpful, courteous and accommodating. They took care of everything. I have been with them for only a month and online ordering has been a great experience for both myself and my customers," says Hamza Pehlivan of Pizza Marsala.

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About BigHoller

BigHoller provides restaurants with the capability of offering online ordering from their own website. BigHoller restaurants are growing their customer base and increasing their takeout revenue by offering customers the convenience of online ordering.

About I Must Eat

I Must Eat is a comprehensive, nationwide dining guide. Each day, more and more restaurants are providing online ordering and online reservations, however, the information is scattered all across the Internet. I Must Eat unites all relevant, but currently fragmented dining information, making the process easier for the consumer. No matter where a user is in the country, they only have to remember one name -- I Must Eat, because -- you must eat.