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12/23/2008 –BigHoller Inaugurates Online Ordering Restaurant Dining Guide - I Must Eat


With a robust directory of over 600,000 restaurant listings and the ability to contour search results by details -- including geographical area, cuisine and whether the restaurant accepts online orders and online reservations -- I Must Eat ( offers something for everyone looking to discover new meal experiences, while simplifying the search and order process.

The votes have been cast and by an overwhelming majority, I Must Eat - is the winner. I Must Eat is the most comprehensive online ordering internet restaurant dining guide out in the marketplace today.

It began at the grassroots level. It started as a small rumbling of stomachs but quickly became the number one issue of foodies across the United States. People were hungry for a nationwide online ordering restaurant dining guide and they demanded action.

To fill their stomachs, the people turned to BigHoller. Why? Because when it comes to restaurant online ordering, BigHoller has always led the way. Servicing restaurants across the entire United States, Canada and the rest of the Americas, BigHoller heard the demands of famished people everywhere and helped create I Must Eat.

BigHoller has always been the leader in restaurant online ordering because of its enterprise ready software, flexible pricing and superior customer service. BigHoller is also privately held and profitable. BigHoller does not have the pressure of outside investment money and is therefore influenced only by its fast growing customer base which it continuously aims to please.

Restaurants that choose BigHoller have many advantages and one of them is getting Preferred Status on I Must Eat, free of charge, for the foreseeable future. Every day, more and more diners are discovering I Must Eat. Why? Because they must eat.

About I Must Eat

I Must Eat is a comprehensive, nationwide dining guide. Each day, more and more restaurants are providing online ordering and online reservations, however, the information is scattered all across the Internet. I Must Eat unites all relevant, but currently fragmented dining information, making the process easier for the consumer. No matter where a user is in the country, they only have to remember one name -- I Must Eat, because -- you must eat.

About BigHoller

BigHoller provides restaurants with the capability of offering online ordering from their own website. BigHoller restaurants are growing their customer base and increasing their takeout revenue by offering customers the convenience of online ordering.