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10/6/2008 –The Launch of a New Pizza Online Ordering Interface Provides a Tasty Topping to BigHoller’s Solutions


Interactive Program for Creating Custom Pizza Pies Gives Topping Selection a Visual Twist, While Making the Ordering Process Effortless and Fun

Drag and drop some green peppers, onions and pepperoni onto your plain cheese pie, or change your mind with a mouse click and redesign your entire pizza. These are just a couple of the many options available to customers who order from restaurants serviced by BigHoller’s new interactive pizza ordering solution version 7.0.

Sicily Pizza and Pasta with its corporate offices in Houston, Texas signed up for BigHoller's pizza online ordering solution in August but is just one of countless chains and single store locations that are jumping on board as restaurants are constantly looking to enhance the customer experience and fill demands for customization.

“We have received great feedback from customers utilizing online ordering since we signed on with BigHoller. People are impressed with how simple and user-friendly the interface is. What I hear just as often is how much fun it is to play around with toppings, pizza sizes and other features that allow them to tailor their orders,” raved owner Kazem Azimi.

Joe Rocco of Planet Pizza has been a customer for years. “BigHoller just keeps getting better. This new pizza interface has my customers complementing me on how wonderful and easy it is to order their favorite pizza’s online. It has also increased my average ticket size.”

Under the guise of being a fun, BigHoller's pizza-ordering solution allows customers to construct and edit very specific small or large-scale orders without frustration, since the technology and visual cues are sophisticated and seamless. An extensive list of pizza topping graphics allows customers to easily spot their favorite add-ons and the drag and drop functionality makes creating and revising the makeup of a pie order a snap.

“This type of smart and fun technology encourages consumers to beef up their orders, whether it involves adding toppings or even additional pies to their guest check,” commented Seth Blech, Chief Technology Officer of BigHoller. “Having a positive experience during the order process can play just as important a role in repeat business as the taste of the meal and quality of restaurant service.”

BigHoller's pizza-ordering solution easily integrates into any restaurant web site and the seasoned online restaurant ordering company also provides web site development for restaurant owners who have not yet plunged into cyber space.

About BigHoller

BigHoller provides restaurants with the capability of offering online ordering from their own website. BigHoller restaurants are growing their customer base and increasing their takeout revenue by offering customers the convenience of online ordering.