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9/10/2008 –BigHoller’s Online Ordering Solution Helps Buckhorn Grill, Renowned California Restaurant Chain, Grow its Takeout Business


Buckhorn Grill Beefs Up Its Takeout Business and Quick Service Reputation and Receives Rave Customer Reviews

Buckhorn Grill’s heavy emphasis on fast, delicious and high-quality food meant that for this popular California restaurant chain to plunge into the online ordering business, the system needed to be easy for its customers and technologically seamless for restaurant staff. After testing BigHoller’s online ordering solution and learning from its seasoned team members, Buckhorn Grill Regional Manager, Tom McLaughlin, was confident in commissioning BigHoller to lead the seven Buckhorn restaurants into the online ordering world.

BigHoller’s solution has allowed Buckhorn Grill, which now provides online ordering directly from its official web site, to tap into a new market of customers who primarily order their meals over the internet. Additionally, online ordering has encouraged current customers to order from Buckhorn more often and to beef up order quantities, resulting in increased takeout sales. The online ordering administrative software has simplified and organized the process of tracking and filling orders for staff members.

“We are using cutting edge technology in a quick serve restaurant. BigHoller’s on-line ordering system is not only ‘cool’ for our customers to use, it saves us time from taking orders over the phone. The orders go right into our POS system. This is huge in growing our take out business! We are very excited with the potential we have now," said McLaughlin.

Buckhorn customers are realizing the convenience of online food ordering as well. According to one customer and fan of BigHoller’s ordering system, "I love how I can order from my office and just walk over and it's ready for me".

Saving time on food ordering is also a benefit touted by Buckhorn Grill patrons. “Buckhorn has always been very quick in its service, now with the on-line ordering, I can get in and out even faster," commented one regular customer.

About BigHoller

BigHoller provides restaurants with the capability of offering online ordering from their own website. BigHoller restaurants are growing their customer base and increasing their takeout revenue by offering customers the convenience of online ordering.

About Buckhorn Grill

A quick service restaurant that provides very high quality Char-roasted Tri-tip, Salmon, Chicken and Entrée Salads, Buckhorn Grill opened in San Francisco, CA in 1999 and has seven locations throughout California. Their Tri-Tip has won many awards and each Buckhorn Grill location is uniquely designed. The idea of the Buckhorn Grill was born out of the success of the product at the Chef’s Market in Napa, California where thousands of Tri-tip sandwiches were sold at the market each Friday night.