BigHoller Restaurant Online Ordering

8/8/2008 -BigHoller Selected to Support Subway® Franchises via Online Ordering Business,


Expanding its expertise in the online food ordering industry, BigHoller signs and extends further into supporting large-scale franchises

Servicing over 100 national Subway® locations,, an online ordering system developed independently by technology services expert Clinton Patterson, had grown beyond projected expectations. As more and more Subway franchisees jumped on board and individual locations requested their own order-taking web sites, Patterson began his search for a seasoned online ordering software company to take the reins and he found his match in BigHoller-a company that would ensure the continued growth and success of his brainchild.

BigHoller signed on and further solidified its foothold as a provider of online ordering solutions in the restaurant franchisee world. "I saw an opportunity with Subway, but couldn't believe how wildly successful an independent online ordering system would become. I knew that choosing the right company to build upon the success of was essential. Making a wrong choice could stifle growth at a crucial time. I was really impressed with BigHoller's technological expertise, robust platform and enthusiasm for the online food ordering industry and felt it was the perfect match," remarked Patterson.

Patterson will not eat his words either. BigHoller wasted no time in building beneficial business relationships with individual franchisees. Josh Torres, Owner of Subway Whitehouse in Ohio is very pleased with the transition to BigHoller's services, "Online orders from my location have increased and I know it's because customers find the process simple and fast. The proof for me is how intuitive BigHoller's backend platform is, making it so easy to keep track of business transactions and see how we're doing from month-to-month."

Executives at Subway franchises, responsible for the bottom line, have also seen the professional relationship with BigHoller as lucrative. Abby Varnadore, a member of the Marketing/PR department for Fleming Subway locations in Shreveport, Louisiana commented, "BigHoller's customer support is unmatched. There have been several times when I requested customizations or needed a question fielded and the response has been both knowledgeable and enthusiastic."

BigHoller continues to build its reputation as the online food ordering solutions of choice for both larger franchisees and smaller restaurants and food service locations.