BigHoller Restaurant Online Ordering

Press Coverage reprinted from USA Today's Ask Victoria, Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ask Victoria?

Q. Hello, I'm the President - Franchisor of a Pizza chain and attended the Franchise Expo South in Miami Beach over the weekend. I was approached by representatives of a company that had an online ordering program called "BigHoller." Can you tell me a little more about this company and what they offer?

Thanks, Bob

A. Dear Bob: "BigHoller" is an online ordering solution that we developed at Datajump, a 10-year old software consulting company. We are the market leader when it comes to helping restaurants offer online ordering to their end-customers. Online ordering has transformed the takeout, delivery and catering marketplace. For the first time we are witnessing a drop in phone orders coupled with a significant increase in online orders. The overall reason -customers want to browse menus at their own pace and order online rather than phone-in an order. This offers significant advantages to the restaurants, first by reducing overhead through reduced staffing requirements for phone-in orders, and through waste reduction by ensuring accurate orders every time. At the same time, the restaurant has the opportunity to increase revenues through the interactive ordering process, which enables payment options, almost eradicating false orders. The back end of the system offers all kinds of market research information for your restaurant, as well as, e-mail marketing. Remember, it is very important to spend the extra time selecting which online ordering company is right for your organization. It can mean the difference between success and failure. BigHoller offers the complete program and is enterprise-ready, international, highly-secured, cost-effective and currently supports several notable restaurant chains, both domestically and internationally. This February, BigHoller will launch a new pizza and new sandwich interface.

G.R. Homa
Managing Partner