BigHoller Restaurant Online Ordering

Press Coverage reprinted from, February 22, 2007

Exinda Networks

Release date: February 22, 2007

Exinda Helps BigHoller Manage Rapid Growth and Telecom Expenses
Exinda Appliance Yields Return on Investment in Just Four Months

BOSTON, Feb. 22 /-- Exinda Networks, the only provider worldwide of Unified Performance Management, today announced that Pan-Americas online restaurant ordering provider, BigHoller, has selected the Exinda 4700 platform to maximize revenue generating traffic performance on its network. BigHoller delivers a hosted online food order service for more than 1,000 restaurants in the United States, Canada and South America. BigHoller's service is a professional, cost-effective alternative to online dining guides that promote several competing restaurants on the same Web site. Restaurants benefit from BigHoller's offering by increasing takeout orders, increasing the accuracy of orders and freeing staff to focus on food preparation.

BigHoller Manages Growth & Costs with Exinda's WAN Optimization Technology

BigHoller launched its Web site in March, 2004. By June, 2004, it was handling 34 food orders per month. In December, 2006, with more than 1,000 restaurants subscribed to its service, the network handled more than 20,000 food orders. Despite the exponential growth, telecommunications costs have been contained. BigHoller installed an Exinda 4700 appliance to classify, monitor and prioritize its network traffic enabling all orders to be carried on a single leased T1 line.

"We have avoided the recurring expense of leasing three to four additional T1 lines by using the Exinda appliance," said G.R. Homa, founder of BigHoller. "We're very happy with Exinda. We've gotten a quick return on investment. The box has paid for itself in about four months."

Exinda's product prioritizes revenue generating network traffic over less time-sensitive traffic such as Web based reporting and administration. Consequently, food orders are placed in a timely manner and restaurant patrons are satisfied. BigHoller evaluated appliances from several wide area network (WAN) optimization vendors but chose Exinda.

"Selecting Exinda was an easy decision because the appliance is easy to configure and use," added Homa. "It's been a very important tool for managing our growth."

Exinda's Unified Performance Management solutions help companies address WAN performance and employee productivity challenges.

"BigHoller is a classic example of how Exinda can help businesses boost revenue and employee productivity while containing costs," said Paul Laracy, Exinda's vice president of sales for the Americas. "It's a smart investment for any company that anticipates adding new applications and increased network traffic."

Exinda Networks is a global supplier of Unified Performance Management that integrates WAN optimization, application acceleration, application visibility and application response time measurements for enterprise, government and service provider clients. Founded in 2002, Exinda's mission is to ensure optimal WAN and application performance, predictable network productivity and reduced network operating costs. Exinda's solutions have been deployed in 35 countries around the world. Exinda's 4700 appliance received ZDnet's Technology & Business magazine's 2005 Editor's Choice Award for ease of use and excellence in traffic monitoring and reporting. Exinda's award winning technology is available by contacting leading resellers or Exinda directly.

Exinda's research and development offices are located in Melbourne, Australia. Exinda's U.S. headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Additional corporate offices are located in Frankfurt and London. For more information, visit

BigHoller provides restaurants with their own low-cost online ordering system. BigHoller restaurants are growing their customer base and increasing their takeout revenue by offering customers the convenience of online ordering.