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02/14/2005 – BigHoller Exhibits at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York


BigHoller Exhibits at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York

Online ordering is quickly becoming a necessity for restaurant owners looking to increase their takeout revenue and BigHoller is helping them achieve that goal. Since its inception in October 2003, BigHoller has experienced tremendous growth due to its popular online ordering system. Hailed by restaurant owners and consumers alike, “BigHoller has set the standard for defining quality in the world of online ordering,” according to Seth Blech, BigHoller’s newly appointed Chief Technology Officer and former Chief Architect.

“With BigHoller leading the field in technology capability and performance,” says Blech, “we felt it was time to increase our brand awareness through exhibitions.” BigHoller received high accolades and recognition from industry leaders and other insiders within the restaurant community. “It really validated for me that we have a product that is exciting everyone,” added Blech. “I knew it could sell. I see the numbers everyday. Now I also know that we are on the right track in terms of design and functionality.”

Indeed, the show was quite a success for BigHoller. In addition to receiving many compliments on their patent pending ordering system, BigHoller signed up numerous customers and established some key relationships within the restaurant community.

Pictures from the show:

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About BigHoller

BigHoller provides restaurants with their own low-cost, professionally designed Web sites with online ordering to fax capability. BigHoller restaurants are growing their customer base and increasing their takeout revenue by offering customers the convenience of online ordering.