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02/07/2005 – The Other Super Bowl Winner Is…Wings Takeout


The Other Super Bowl Winner Is – Wings Takeout

While the Patriots may have proven that they are kings on the field, when it comes to ordering food online, chicken wings takeout wears the crown. According to G.R. Homa, part owner and founder of BigHoller, "while it wasn’t a trouncing, chicken wings did edge out all of its competitors."

The final statistics are in. According to BigHoller, 22% of people ordered chicken wings, while pizza & Chinese tied at 19% each. Deli orders came in at 17%, Mexican 12%, with the remaining 11% being spread out over a variety of other cuisines including fast food, bagels, Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and others. Ordering catering online is another trend that is growing. In the past, people always phoned in their catering orders. Now, close to 5% of the Super Bowl Sunday orders were from the catering menus.

While these statistics are not a true reflection on what the average American ate in front of the TV this Sunday, it does tell a story of what football partiers are ordering online. According to the National Restaurant Association, 58% of restaurant sales are takeout, and Homa adds, "I believe that online ordering is fueling this segment of the market. Over the past year, we have seen a dramatic increase in online ordering and there seems to be no turning back. With online ordering, there can be no miscommunication when placing the order, menus are available 24x7, and the customer is never put on hold. From the restaurants’ perspective, they do not need to invest in computer technology. The orders go straight to their fax machines. Plus, it frees up their in-house staff to focus on order preparation."

Who will be next year’s Super Bowl takeout champion? "We definitely see a steady month-to-month increase in Mexican takeout", says Homa. "But like the Patriots, history tends to repeat itself. So I would stick to wings again for next year."

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