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“Our customers are increasing their order size and I know it’s because the online ordering process that BigHoller provides making it easier for them to choose menu options and encouraging them to include more items on their guest check. This means increased sales for us and happier, more loyal customers!
Jordan of Lunch Wired
Centennial, CO
"Very pleased with the simple customer order entry interface. We have set it up for credit card purchases only and everything works extremely well. All we have to do is have the food ready when they come to pick up which has been paid for already. This saves a bunch of time. We have set it up so three key people get an email alert on their phone when an Online Order is received and we all monitor its progress. Its a great system! Customers enjoy browsing through the menu and taking their time to enter their order. They can also look at their previous orders. I've seen customers placing orders after midnight (at their convenience) for pick up in the afternoon."
Shuai of Okanagan's Pizza
Kelowna, BC
We were overwhelmed with people calling in sushi orders. On a daily basis, we were too tied up taking orders—very frustrating for our restaurant since we always strive to provide the best quality food and service. BigHoller came to our rescue. The process of accepting and filling online orders for takeout and delivery, even during the busiest times, is smooth and almost effortless for us.”
Tani of Yummy Sushi
Yonkers, NY

Mustafa of Pizza 7
Saratoga Springs, NY
"I cannot say enough about Pizza 7's experience with BigHoller. Our customers love how easy it is for them to place online pizza orders right from our restaurant's website and I love how easy it is to track and fulfill these orders using BigHoller's intuitive administrative system."
“Every time I have a question or special request for BigHoller’s team, they provide speedy responses, knowledgeable guidance and are happy to provide us with custom service based upon our particular needs.”
Saleem of Nirvana Restaurant
Houston, TX
"We're located close to both residents and offices so we were really able to capitalize on the large customer base in our area once we selected BigHoller to handle our online ordering business. The leap into online ordering has greatly increased our lunchtime orders and allows us to keep an edge over other pizzerias in our area!"
David of Cebellas's
Westland, MI
“Delivery so it really gave our restaurant orders a big boost to move into the online ordering world. BigHoller made this proposition an easy sell for us because the company is professional and seasoned in the online food ordering industry which makes me feel secure and confident!”
Ronda of Gus's New York Pizza
Tempe, AZ
“After we implemented BigHoller’s online ordering software on our official web site, we’ve been receiving more takeout orders and more bulk orders. It’s easier for groups to place their order online and swing into our location to pick it up as opposed to coordinating large orders on site. We love it and our hungry customers really love it almost as much as they love our pizza!”
Josh of Anthony Franco's Pizza
Verona, NJ
“We recently launched a new company website so it was important for us to integrate BigHoller’s online ordering restaurant software into our current branding look and feel. I couldn’t believe how seamless this process was working with the BigHoller team. Because it’s so easy for our customers to place their pizza orders online, we’ve seen order size increase at our location and food takeout orders grow as well.”
JS Khang of Sahara Pizza
Mercer Island, WA
“I wanted to launch an online ordering service for my customers, but did not have an extensive technical background. BigHoller’s solution doesn’t require a background, and given the expert knowledge they bring to the table, you get incredible value. BigHoller guided us through every step of the process of adding online ordering to our services.”
Alan of Tower Deli
Davie, FL
"Before we launched, I had not received requests for online ordering by customers, did not see it as a demand item, and didn't know if we would do enough orders to justify the cost. I wanted to do it because I am into technology and into Point of Success. I have yet to heavily advertise it as we've worked out some kinks and I want to make sure it's perfect before I advertise the snot out of it. The only way you would know about it is by the small link on our website. We are currently doing 3-5 orders per weekday, and 10-15 orders per weekend online, per store. The nice thing is that we don't have to take their call, mess with them on the phone, it just prints and we make it. To BigHoller's credit, they are customer service oriented, have never said anything when I call with a list of menu changes, and typically change them while I'm on the phone. Their site works very well, and I have had customer upon customer comment on how easy it is to use. I've even had customers say they much prefer our online ordering site over Pizza Hut and Papa John's. I'm a very happy customer of online ordering, both POS and BigHoller."
Ben of B. Antonio's Pizza
Fort Wayne, IN
“BigHoller’s prices are so competitive so I was wondering if the service and online ordering solution would match up to our expectations. We were so pleasantly surprised by their high level of experience in the industry and customer service. I would highly recommend BigHoller to any restaurant looking to find an online food ordering company.”
John of Open Rice
Stamford, CT

“Since using BigHoller’s online food ordering solution, our sales have quadrupled! I have never seen a sales increase to this level in such a short time-frame. Selecting BigHoller to handle our online orders was one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date!”
Donnie of Panda House
Lewis Center, OH

Jessica of Wild Wings N Things
Colorado Springs, CO
“Food delivery or takeout and online ordering go together like mustard and relish, but how could we offer online food ordering without a web site? No problem! BigHoller created a website for us and easily integrated their online ordering software so in no time, we had an online presence and were able to provide online ordering to our customers.”
“We take a ton of regular and catering orders daily and BigHoller has really helped us organize this process. On top of that, whenever we have a question or need additional assistance, their team of representatives and software specialists are readily available, knowledgeable and always quick to respond to inquiries.”
Michael of Odd Moe's Pizza
Salem, OR
“We have a very loyal customer base in our neighborhood so we frequently get feedback on our food, service and atmosphere. It put a smile on my face to hear the extremely positive response to our online ordering service. I know the great feedback was due to BigHoller’s expertise, professionalism and cutting edge technology. They made us look even better!”
Andrew of Eats Good 33
Ft Lauderdale, FL

“We handle a heavy load of takeout and catering orders on a daily basis. One thing is for sure, we would not be at the level of business we are without BigHoller’s online ordering solution. Our customers are happy and they keep coming back to us for their meal and catering needs.”
Eriona of Adamo's Pizza & Catering
Naperville, IL
“We took our sushi and Asian cuisine restaurant business to a whole new level by providing our customers with the convenience of online ordering and delivery. The process is simple for our hungry customers and the proof is in the growth of online sushi orders ever since we commissioned BigHoller to handle this aspect of our business.”
Micky of Gan Asia
New York, NY

David of The Plum Tomato
Marlborough, MA
“We grew our online ordering business from the ground up with BigHoller and the experience has been nothing but beneficial for our sales and customer satisfaction. I’d recommend BigHoller to any restaurant looking to grow their online ordering, delivery or takeout revenue.”
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