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BigHollerPOSConnect™ - The Easiest Way to Connect to BigHoller Online Ordering

Now your POS company or Restaurant Chain can offer state of the art online ordering.

BigHollerPOSConnect™ has the ability to send order transmissions over HTTP or FTP in an XML format. This allows for a custom component to pick up an order real time, parse the information, process the order, and respond to BigHoller via a separate web service.
  • Saves Time - Integrations can be up and running in no time at all.
  • Saves Money - BigHollerPOSConnect™ is free and once your are up and running, you get BigHoller's famously low, success guaranteed, non transactional based pricing model.
  • Increased Reliability - Lets the experts manage the development.
  • Better Control - No more frustration relying on a third party to resolve issues with questionable results.
  • No more downtimes because of a faulty integration!
BigHollerPOSConnect™ is changing the way POS companies and Franchisors are doing business. BigHollerPOSConnect™ has set the standard in what the output format for an online order should be.

Questions? Call us at 888-BigHoller (888-244-4655). Or use the Contact Us Form

BigHollerLoyaltyConnect™- The Best Way to Connect to BigHoller Online Ordering with your Social Marketing Programs

BigHollerLoyaltyConnect™ has the ability to integrate Social Marketing Programs, like GROUPON, with your online ordering system. Larger ticket sizes and more repeat customer visits are the trademark of a truly mature and effective online ordering system. To this effect, through online ordering's ability to capture emails, one time bargain hunting customers can be enticed to become repeat customers with online coupons and electronic deals. Strategic up-selling and combo deals can also increase ticket sizes and help to drastically increase your customer database!

Questions? Call us at 888-BigHoller (888-244-4655). Or use the Contact Us Form

BigHollerMarketConnect™- The Only Way to Connect to BigHoller Online Ordering with your Marketing Strategy

BigHollerMarketConnect™ now enables limitless customer marketing capabilities through post-sales data sharing in an Excel Spreadsheet format. Marketing Companies can now have complete detailed data for tracking, analysis, and marketing efforts. Clients can potentially choose any marketing solution that works best for them and to its full potential.

Questions? Call us at 888-BigHoller (888-244-4655). Or use the Contact Us Form

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